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Based in the Netherlands, we provide peace of mind to companies foreign and domestic who intend to enter into an agreement with a prospective client.

Offering services such as identity verification and creditworthiness testing, we enable our clients not only to engage new partners but to maintain valuable relations with existing ones as well.

Pre-employment screening being one of our specialties, we can furthermore assist you in staff selection.

Klaas Zondervan

A legal background in insolvency law and plenty of experience in the field of debt control, seizure and foreclosure, Klaas and his team are ready to assist you in making sensible business decisions today, tomorrow and in the future.

Because anticipation matters.

Their reputation precedes them

Know your customer

Establish your target audience and assess its creditworthiness.

Verify the identity of your private and business customers to rule out fraudulent relationships. 


Reconnect with lost clients and reidentify your existing relations. Is their reputation still up to par?

Learn about new opportunities and optimize debt collection.

Risk management

Receive credit and risk reports efficiently and be the first to know about liabilities. Always have the latest contact information and learn about redress possibilities.

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